One-stop solution strategy: fully integrated model for solar PV energy generation

Long-term bankable investment opportunities in solar projects

Why IBC SOLAR Energy

We cover the entire solar value chain: from project development and financing, to full EPC construction and later commercialisation

IBC SOLAR Energy oversees the whole project, providing a risk free development and construction solution to its customers.

Our straight-forward business model is clearly oriented to satisfy the needs of every one of our stakeholders. We are also flexible with the scope and design of our comprehensive services, to cater for our diverse projects and clients.

Project Development and Permitting

From an idea to a ready to build project

We carefully analyse the suitability of the location of the future solar power plant, carrying out the corresponding feasibility studies of the site and the grid connection point. Once the best site location is decided, IBC SOLAR Energy also deals with the purchase or lease agreements of the land. All contracts are structured, created and completed considering the future requirements of investors looking at predictable asset performance over 20 to 25 years.

Alongside site preparation, we start working on the implementation of the plant. This includes technical and project planning, mechanical and electrical designs, engineering and plant layout, amongst others.

Together with our local partners, IBC SOLAR Energy takes responsibility for obtaining all the permits, licenses and authorisations required to develop and operate a solar project on behalf of the SPC (Special Purpose Company = Project Company).

We stick to our contractual obligations, delivering high quality innovative solutions with real added value. IBC SOLAR Energy sticks to set time frames and according to the latest technological standards.

Our services in project development:

Project Acquisition

  • Feasibility studies and full site analysis
  • Co-development with local business partners or acquisition of third parties' project rights after successful due diligence processes

Project Development

  • Contract and approval management
  • Purchase or lease of land agreements
  • Setting up of SPCs (project companies)
  • Structuring (tax, legal and financial) of SPCs
  • Obtaining all necessary permits, licenses and authorisations
  • Securing grid capacity

Economic Analysis

  • Financial modelling and calculation of profitability
  • Risk assessment
  • Securing FiT
  • PPA negotiation and closing

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Commissioning

IBC SOLAR is an EPC contractor that meets all investor and lender requirements

In the field of EPC, we meet strict quality standards to ensure highest performance in the executing and construction of projects as well as pricing to fulfil the planned project calculations.

Our international partners and suppliers support us in dealing with all technical details, planning and procuring the system components, from modules to mounting structures and inverters.

Together with our engineering team, IBC SOLAR Energy makes sure that the plant is constructed according to comprehensive quality management practices, as well as extensive site documentation requirements for a secure technical operation.

And finally we take care of the starting, running and testing of the installation in order to comply with all performance requirements and agreed deadlines for commissioning.


Our services in project implementation:

    • Comprehensive quality management
    • Detailed engineering and final design
    • Topographical and geotechnical surveys carried out by reputable specialists
    • Civil works, flood and drainage studies
    • EPC and O&M contracts
    • Detailed technical planning
    • Procurement of key components (modules, mounting structure, inverters, transformers, switchgears, junction boxes, etc.) from selected tier-one suppliers
    • Project and site management
    • Construction and subcontracting management
    • Cash flow management
    • Contract management
    • Risk management
    • Commissioning
    • Insurance of EPC bankability

    IBC SOLAR Storage Solutions: New opportunities for Business

    Energy storage and solar PV are highly synergetic

    Photovoltaic plants supply electricity - as long as the sun is shining. We offer clever systems to make sure that there is no need to experience downtime at night. We achieve this by combining our solar energy plants with storage units that can store the solar energy produced during the day for access whenever needed.

    For commercial and industrial applications

    Whatever is used for generating energy, a CHP unit, a solar plant or a wind power plant - our storage units are compatible with almost any existing system. We develop solutions that are tailored to exactly match the requirements.

    • Continuity of energy supply: storage units bridge the gap during short-term blackouts
    • Self-supply optimization: storage units will augment the use of own-generated cheap electricity by peak-shaping and so increase the self-consumption
    • Premium prices at peak-demand times can be avoided thus reducing electricity bills

    For electric utilities

    Implementing energy storage also provides significant and strategic benefits to utilities. 

    • Frequency control by balancing power
    • Increase of grid stability and avoidance of outages
    • Investments to upgrade the existing transmission and distribution equipment can be delayed, reduced or even avoided
    • Solutions for micro grids

    Ideal to supplement hybrid systems

    • Diesel and money can be saved by making full advantage of the solar generator.

    Operation & Maintenance

    Ensuring solid performance

    Only when the plant is running smoothly do the yields correspond to the investors expectations. IBC SOLAR services are always set up to achieve the highest possible production and performance throughout its entire lifetime.

    We operate the plants proactively, with on-site and remote monitoring, enabling a quick response to potential faults, offering the entire range of services from a single source, including detailed reporting. With IBC SOLAR's reliable "performance ratio guarantee" and "availability", the investor is assured of an agreed minimum annual yield for the entire duration of the contract.


    Our services in technical management:

    • Technical management
      • Remote monitoring and control
      • Preventive and corrective maintenance
      • Incident management & repairing
      • Maintenance and inspection
      • Ground maintenance
      • Detailed reporting
      • Extra services upon request
    • Commercial management
    • Certified quality: as per DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001

      Project Financing

      We ensure that financing is optimised for the project

      A critical factor of success for large-scale PV projects is solid financing.

      IBC SOLAR Energy supports the customer in taking over the financing, creating financial models and business plans with profitability analysis and yield forecasts for every project.

      From there, we develop financing concepts that are tailored to the respective project. Our experts firstly handle financing from the project development phase, and make sure that the project is fully bankable for the investor. This allows to close non-recourse project financing before starting with construction.

      Our standards also include top-class data rooms prepared for due diligences.

      Our services in project financing:

      • Financing of project development
      • Financial modelling, profitability calculations and precise yield forecasts
      • Bankable structure including SPC, EPC and O&M contracts and contractors
      • Project finance search, optimisation and negotiation
      • Contract management
      • Legal, technical & financial DDs

      Equity Sale of PV Assets

      Providing top-notch investments in renewable energy projects

      PV power plants offer a top-class opportunity for anyone looking for sustainable profitable investments. We offer turnkey photovoltaic systems for all kinds of investors.

      Solar energy today combines a series of unbeatable benefits: minimal risk, comparably high, secure and predictable yields, with technology that is more refined and affordable than ever before. 


      Our services in the sale of PV power plants:

      • Data room offering a full spectrum covering investors requirements
      • Full legal support on SPC, EPC, O&M contracts
      • Reliable yield forecasts
      • Taking over operation and maintenance services
      • Electricity sale contracts
      • Optimised asset management

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